The Adriatic ‘The Furniture Those Rich People Don’t Want You To Have’ campaign evolved over the years. It started with some typical “old money” society types who were up in arms about Adriatic offering its sophisticated furniture at such unpretentious prices. It took a totally different tack to the category’s typical smiling customers enjoying their “dream” lifestyles. This enabled the campaign to break out of the clutter of the huge number of furniture advertisers and prove a great success for the brand.

It then moved onto the characters getting more militant and protesting outside the Adriatic stores. Then they proceeded to try their hand at sabotage, before the next incarnation enlisted a real life character in Melbourne socialite and philanthropist Lillian Frank. She appeared in a range of scenarios doing everything in her power to keep the general public from obtaining Adriatic’s exclusive pieces at the chain’s inexpensive prices.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:


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