Ketchup has always been a tough sell as most Aussies just think it’s the same as tomato sauce but with a “Yank” name – so they reject it outright for being “un-Australian”. Our challenge was for people to understand that Ketchup is actually a superior product to tomato sauce, and the case study tells the story of how this was successfully done.

This video introduced people to the Ketchup ‘Bite Club’ website. Its purpose was to amuse and engage while educating on the superior nature of Ketchup, helping to tackle the misconceptions about the product.

A series of short videos were purposely developed for distinct times of the year, or the media channel for which they screened on.


Facebook Video:

YouTube Non-Skippable:

Meanwhile, this video was developed to directly target those with the misconception that Ketchup was part of the unwanted “Americanisation” of Australia.

A cheeky AFL Grand Final topical social post.